Dispelling The Myths

  • Good health and safety advice is not about picking up on every trivial, low-risk detail.
  • Good health and safety does not bring healthy businesses grinding to a halt.
  • Good health and safety is not based on over-reacting to reasonable risks
  • Good health and safety practitioners are not on power trips.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) asks us to apply common sense controls where real risks are evident in order to bring risks down to tolerable levels or otherwise remove them completely. Often, observing this involves implementing a basic set of tasks that are easy to manage.

Click here for examples of common myths about health and safety practices. This link contains public sector information published by the HSE and licensed under the Open Government Licence V1.0.


  • Good health and safety reduces the serious risks that could put people in real danger.
  • Good health and safety is a progressive approach to working confidently and efficiently.
  • Good health and safety protects your business and you personally.
  • Good health and safety helps create workplaces in which people are more relaxed and productive.